About us

Our vision

Being in rhythm with nature

Nature itself offers an enormous wealth of plant treasures and synergies. As a company, we want to take responsibility for this and at the same time create an awareness of health, quality and sustainability. Our sophisticated formulas and products are created hand in hand with the wisdom of nature. It is important to us not only to provide the body with individual monosubstances, but also to use nature's entire repertoire to effectively train self-regulation and strengthen it in the long term. Following nature's example, our products therefore contain all the important nutrients in the great diversity of their natural variants and in balance with their natural partners and co-factors - just as our body knows them from fresh fruit and vegetables and to which it is optimally adapted.

Fairness & sustainability

Our extensive knowledge is based on more than 35 years of experience in the product and concept development of food supplements for well-known national and international companies. We use our expertise with honesty and authenticity - from the careful selection of medicinal herbs and plants to our formulations and also in our cooperation with all our partners. This appreciation of nature and life as a whole flows into the combination and use of all our natural treasures and makes our formulas unique.

Who we are

Owner and product developer

Norbert Hartwig, born in Hamburg in 1952, has lived in Switzerland since 2007. "The awareness of health, sustainability and quality was awakened in me at an early age and so I have been researching nature's healing treasures for over 35 years. Making the best possible use of synergies is my particular passion. This is probably also due to the fact that, as a physicist and natural scientist, I have learned to use state-of-the-art analytical equipment to get to the heart of issues in order to recognize the actual connections. It is very important to me to promote sustainable awareness of our natural resources so that this philosophy is also reflected in our recipes."

Our team

The creative spirit can only develop its full potential in a strong community. For this reason, cooperation within the entire team as well as mutual appreciation with our partners is very important to us. We support each other with each other's individual strengths. We have been working in partnership with service providers for our bottling for a long time and have a strong shipping and service team at our side.

What we do


The development of pioneering nutritional supplements of the highest quality has been both our passion and our core business for over three decades. For our St. Helia products, we concentrate on proven studies from recognized medicine and tried-and-tested formulas from centuries of empirical medicine. This results in the highest quality supplements that provide essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. On the other hand, they train the body to heal itself so that it can cope better with stressful situations in the future.

Adaptogenic recipes

We recognized the great potential of adaptogenic plants early on, because we want to support people in their health holistically. That is why all our recipes are based on adaptogenic mechanisms of action. In other words, we use the ability of adaptogens such as ginseng, curcuma, roseroot or rice mushroom to restore the body's healthy balance and make it fundamentally more adaptable and resilient. Thanks to cleverly selected plant combinations in St. Helia products, the absorption of nutrients is also significantly facilitated and increased.

Private Label

All St. Helia products - currently 36 - are also available with your individual private label for your company. We offer liquid elixirs, capsules, powders and teas. All supplements can be combined with each other as required and are always developed sustainably using nature as a model. If you have a special recipe request, please do not hesitate to contact us. St. Helia has researched more than 200 innovative formulations over the past decades and also has many years of experience in the production of private and white label products.