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Researchers for natural health

What is the best way to nourish the body and effectively stimulate self-regulation at the same time? We are driven by the desire to discover the most effective plants and formulas and have been researching the highest quality and healthiest wild plants and herbs worldwide for 35 years - even in remote areas if necessary. Thousands of years of Asian health teachings are incorporated into the development of our products, as are local knowledge of medicinal plants and the latest study results from modern science. This enables us to create pioneering, adaptogenic formulations in harmony with nature. In this context, adaptogenic means that the body is nourished and strengthened in such a sustainable way that it can develop resilience on its own.

Private Label

Premium supplements with passion for details

St. Helia would like to support you in your success. Do you have high expectations? So do we! With our natural, bioactive food supplements and foods that work right down to the finest cells, your body and mind receive the right stimuli for self-regulation, in the perfect dose and at the optimum time. By the way: our bioactive products always contain fully ripe, freshly harvested ingredients from optimal locations. Naturally fairly traded and of ethically impeccable origin. We are only satisfied when we have achieved the very best quality available from our holistic perspective.


Gluten free

Lactose free

without artificial flavors

without synthetic colors

without preservatives

without additives

Made in D
Developed in CH

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